This global collaborative project is offered to classrooms around the world. Run as a pilot in February-April 2012 it is now implemented twice a year. It is open to Prep/Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 classrooms (4-7 year old students).

Guiding Questions:

  • Can very young students effectively connect, communicate, and collaborate in a global project?
  • What does this look like?
  • What products can students in mixed classroom teams co-create?
  • What activities and structure can we design and implement to scaffold this collaboration?

There are many wonderful opportunities out there already for students to connect using technology tools. However the aim in this project is also to encourage students in different places to collaborate, not just communicate, and to enhance understanding of cultures and life styles beyond the immediate environment.

Aim: To build understanding of life beyond the immediate environment and also buildcommunity through regular connection and collaboration and by sharing between classrooms.
Our Challenge: To connect classrooms around the world in meaningful discussions and collaborations and to show that co-creation of ideas and products is possible at this level of education

Each group or team of 4-5 classrooms focuses on one topic:
  • How We Play
  • Going to School
  • Celebrating Together
  • Part of a Family
  • Making a Meal
  • Sharing Stories
All teams do this topic:
  • The View From the Window