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Welcome to the K-2 Building Bridges to Tomorrow 14-1 Project, a Flat Connections Project. We’re excited that you’ll be joining us! This project is not just a project for students, but truly it is embedded professional development for teachers. Many teachers report that they are a bit overwhelmed at first but that they emerge from the project as completely transformed technology users in a short ten week period! We can’t guarantee you’ll be transformed but we can guarantee that you get out of a Flat Connections project just what you put into it!

In many ways Flat Connections is a community. Beginners are welcome. There are no dumb questions. We model the digital citizenship that we want our students to have! We teachersource our projects and all teachers take responsibility for reviewing content. We share our students and work together!

If you need us at any time, just email us!
Project Manager:
Sandy Wisneski: wisneskis@ripon.k12.wi.us

All Project Coordinator - Yvonne Caples - ytcaples@gmail.com
Dianne Hope - Flat Connections Registrar - admin@flatconnections.com
Director, Julie Lindsay @julielindsay - julie@flatconnections.com Skype: julielindsay


•Handshake and Kick-off: March 1-15
•Team Formation and Project Discussions: March 15-April 1
•Projects to be started by April 1
•Multimedia Collection and Sharing: April 1-15
•Product Development and Co-Creation: April 15-30
•Celebration, Summits and Reflections: May 1-15

Essential Project Links

Tools for Teachers
How to Join
How it is Used
By invitation for each online meeting
Online teacher meetings and student summits
Create your own account (preferred as the confirmed times then go to your own calendar), accept meeting invitations from Project Manager
For suggesting and confirming meeting times
Google Group
K-2 Google Group
Request membership, or by invitation
For regular communication between Project Manager and teachers in the project. make sure during the project email is set to 'Daily' so you do not miss anything.
Teacher Network
Flat Connections Ning:
Request to join Ning, then join the GROUP for the AWL project you are in
Communication tool for project teachers - a smaller community within a larger community of global educators
K-2 Flat Connections Blog

For reflection and sharing project as well as individual classroom activities
Project Calendar

See the current timeline for the project
Project wiki

Join and ask to be promoted to admin
Add your school information, homepage, and school seal as soon as site goes live.
Teacher Guide
Openly shared for viewing
To share with others as a reference about the project
Project Help Wiki