A View From Our Windows

Group 1 Classes
Laura Wetmore Gr2 Yarmouth, Maine, USA

Betsy Tyson, 1st Grade, Richmond, Virginia USA

Kristy Godbout & Emily Roth, 1st Grade, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jen Dahman &
Robin O'Rourke

Jen Dahman
Group 2 Classes

Kelly Jenkins, Susanna Kochis, Donna Perry,
and Toni Barton, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Denise Kegley, Our Redeemer, Wauwatosa, WI, USA

Group 3 Classes

Cathedral of St. Raymond, Joliet, IL USA,

Theresa Allen, Stephanie Kaput & Lindsay Bava
Mrs. Kaput's Class

Ms. Bava's Class

Christy Barrow, Frederica Academy, St. Simons Island, GA